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  • Yet another drupal site. Nothing's new under the sun. What’s the catch?
  • The strength is the format of information. There are a lot of interconnections between well structured articles.
    • When an article gets too big, we split in smaller pieces, for better readability.
    • This is the main feature of a wiki and lacks on https://www.drupal.org/documentation . Don’t get me wrong, there is a quality documentation out there, but usually developers are lazy, they prefer coding.
  • This is an original mashup and aggregation of information, spiced with semantic mediawiki, backlinks and categories.
  • Not every article is like a polished blog post. Our principle is “better less than nothing”. If we have some clues about something, why not sharing? Here comes the disclaimer: we don't have an exhaustive approach on every subject, sometimes there's only a custom use case. So, get ready to dive deeper into additional resources.
    • On the other hand, some articles are high quality, with many reviews and additions over time, visible in article’s history.
  • Why running this “drupalish” site on mediawiki, instead of drupal? Because mediawiki is very lightweight specialized documentation software, we like it clean, no fancy wysiwyg, with semantic markup and custom inline parser solutions, for maximum editing speed.
  • Being faithful to our policy, we stop here, before this very article gets too big.
    • Enjoy the category cloud or blog posts. Big thanks!