deploy d7

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1. Setup

2. Tips

2.1. Views aggregator

  • Enable the following module: Views deployment aggregator drush en deploy_aggregator_views
    • Select the Aggregator View you made (or select the default Front page View)
  • Do not use views pager, in order to deply eveything

2.2. EndPoints

  • It is Captain Obvious, but It's worth mentioning
    • On the source site with absolute path admin/structure/deploy/endpoints/list/live_server/edit/service
    • On the destination site, at services admin/structure/services/list/live use relative path services/rest

2.3. Existing websites

  • If you have a site with a lot of content already, you should install uuid on the site first, and create UUIDs for all nodes and users (/admin/config/system/uuid). Then take the DB dump of this installation to create the new "source" site. The UUID of all nodes you want to deploy must match on all sites, otherwise new content is created. via
  • There is an alternative to your workflow. Use case source site= existing content, destination site= fresh install. It's a must have to install uuid on the source site and generate UUIDs for existing content. But further, you don't have to clone the DB. Indeed, the first deployment will create new users and nodes on the fresh destination install, but further the sync is based on uuid ( not uid or nid), so everything will be ok more

2.4. UUID

  • First create UUID for all nodes and users (/admin/config/system/uuid) on source site via. If you must deploy custom entites, do also UUID custom entities
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